What is a Technology Coach?

A technology coach serves as an instructional coach for basic computer skills, Cell phone usage, Tablets, iPAD, over all personal and professional technology development. 


There can be 5 to 10 ways to do everything.  My focus is to keep things simple and non stressful.  

Everyone learns technology in different ways. 


My 5 Simple Rules Are:


1.  No question is stupid.

2. Everyone's brain works differently.

3. You may ask the same questions over and over till you understand.

4. Stay positive - putting yourself down only prohibits you from moving forward.

5. Everyone is at a different place of knowing,  no one knows everything. I don't. 



   9am - 6pm     Monday - Saturday



   $25 Per Hour

   All sessions are ONE to ONE.  I will not teach couples together.

Contact Me:

   Ph:        920 .226 .9629

   Email:   maryjozagozen@gmail.com

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