I have 25 years working in many offices and industries of business. Technology is my focus.  I have found that many business have not yet moved to using social media and the internet to grow there business. It is my focus to transition business economically into the technological opportunities.  Many businesses have tripled there sales in the first 6 months of working on a strategy plan that I custom build for there financial benefit. 

- Small Business 

     - Branding

     - Rebranding

     - Marketing
     - Social Media Planning

     - Search Engine Optimization

     - Point of sale setup and maintaining

     - Inventory management

     - Policy and Procedure manuals

- Economical Solutions

- Project management

- Establishing a vision into reality


First Meeting:

FREE - 1 hour
This is when we find out if we are a fit. The meeting will tell me if i have the skill set to work on your vision. Fees may apply if much information is given at this meeting.

      $65 per hour

Custom Built plans:

The fees depend of the scope of the project. There are many variables involved when creating and executing a successful marketing plan.  We will review a plan and the fees at the time of the contract presentation.

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